Family Halloween Dinner

Last night we had a pre-Halloween dinner with both our families and it was so much fun! I loved the gold accents with all the black and white. I even found some metallic colored watercolor paint a few weeks ago that worked perfectly on the name cards. And I love these metal cups, they get nice and chilled when you put a cold drink in them which is so refreshing. My dad made some homemade root beer and stuck a little piece of dry ice into each cup so it continued to “smoke” while we drank it. I tried making some homemade noodles for chicken noodle soup a few weeks ago and Vu asked me to upgrade the homemade to the broth as well… I said yes of course, because that is how much I love him… and it turned out sooo good that I made it again for this dinner. Then I made some rolls and before they baked tied some kitchen twine around them to shape them into pumpkins using this tutorial.  They were so cute!  It was such a great night!

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