First Time at Galaxy’s Edge Disneyland

In October Vu and I made a quick trip down to Disneyland to go to Galaxy’s Edge (Star Wars Land) for the first time.  I was SOOO excited to see Vu experience it for the first time.  It was so much fun!!! We ended up going back to it 4 times in the 2 days we were there.  Disney does such a good job with atmosphere, it really feels like you are there.  The Millennium Falcon ride does a really good job making you feel like you are on the Falcon, but the ride itself was a bit underwhelming.  We are excited for the second ride to open up soon.  We of course had to try some blue and green milk, both were good, but I loved the blue.  We had lunch at Docking bay 7 and the Pot Roast is one of the best meals Vu and I have had a Disneyland.

We finally managed to get reservations for the Blue Bayou… for 10:40pm….   We have been wanting to go FOREVER, but always forget to do it in advance, so even though it was super late, we went for it anyway.  I mean we knew we would still be at the park anyway…   We also went to California Adventure for the first time, and that was so much fun.  I loved the Cars land.  I was hoping it would be a bit cooler since in was October after all, but no such luck.  We hit it during a heat spell and I was kind of dying.  We went on the Grizzly River Run and got completely soaked and I was dry in about half an hour.

After spending 2 days at Disney, we drove out to Redlands to go the temple, the last temple in the LA area I haven’t been too.  Then that night Vu’s cousin (who we stayed with) had friends over for a dinner party that they invited us to and it was seriously the best night.  So much fun, so much laughing. We had one more relaxing day and had dinner with all of Vu’s family in the area, followed by ice cream at Cauldron before heading home the next day.  It was a short trip, but so much fun!

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