Things I want to Remember: full time crafter and MBA student

I have noticed a pattern in life.  There are many different phases and stages and being a sentimental person I frequently look back on these different phases with nostalgia, remembering my favorite moments and the small things that made me happy, that created an atmosphere that made this stage unique and enjoyable and special.  I am always a little bit sad when a stage in my life ends, even when I am excited about the next one, or even when that time has been a difficult one.  There are always beautiful moments that will never exist again.  I don’t want to forget those things.  I want to hold onto them.  They may not seem very significant.  But they make up my life and they are special to me.  And I never want to lose them.

This past stage we have been in for the last year and half with Vu in grad school and me being a “full time crafter” has been pretty quiet, kind of uneventful.  At least for me.  Vu has been very busy with work and school.  But right now, from this stage in my life, these are things that I want to always remember.IMG_2072

-Quiet afternoons sitting in the living room, listening to the rain or enjoying the sunlight streaming in through the windows, reading a book/studying French/brainstorming décor ideas

-seeing how dedicated Vu is to school and work, seeing how hard he works

-being able to try out new, time intensive recipes

-laughing with Rachel as we relive our youth playing Mario Brothers 3 on the Nintendo (thanks Christian for finding it for us)


-going with Rachel to the movies that Vu won’t see with me

-having friends over for dinner

-sleeping until I feel like getting up and rarely having to use an alarm clock (the bane of my existence)

-planning the vacations I want to go on when Vu graduates


-having a monthly sleepover with Rachel, talking and watching a rom com (again that Vu will not watch with me) then making breakfast together and hanging out or going for a hike

-working on craft projects while listening to an audio book or watching “Call the Midwife” or “Once Upon A Time”

-seeing how excited Vu gets when he works on his remote control cars (apparently neither of us really grew up)

-having a home cooked dinner with Vu after he is done working, discussing our day


-going out to dinner with Rachel on Monday nights while Vu is in class

-staying up way too late laughing and talking with Vu

-teaching the 5 year olds at church and the ridiculously adorable and hilarious comments they make

-watching “Top Chef” with Vu until midnight and then pretending we are contestants as we make our “gourmet” ramen noodles

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