12 Month’s of Holiday Décor: May

May Holiday Decor (12)

May was really easy because I had it pretty much all done last year for the House Tour.  However, I still wanted to try and change it up, so I mixed a few things around.  I kept trying to think of other things that I could add, but kept coming up blank.  I did add a couple of new things, but that was all I could get.  I do love the new additions though.  For the mantle I changed it up by grouping the bottles and vases together with some candles, instead of having them separated by color and kept them all together on one side instead of one color on each side, and I didn’t put the flowers inside them either.

May Holiday Decor (5)May Holiday Decor (14) May Holiday Decor (6)May Holiday Decor (15)

Just a recap from last year, the bottles I painted with enamel paint, the picture frame has a floral illustrator graphic I created, the branches have bead and ribbon blossoms I made from pulling apart a beaded garland, I wrapped some ribbon around a twig wreath and made a couple of small triangle fabric banners.

May Holiday Decor (13)May Holiday Decor (1)

I separated the pink flowers into 3 groups and put them in a couple of vases and a flat white bowl and placed them on the mantle, a side cabinet and the piano.

May Holiday Decor (9) May Holiday Decor (3)

This tribal throw pillow case is one of the new items I made.  I used this pillow for inspiration and then just changed the colors to match.  I actually bought 2 throw pillow forms in December and made pillow cases for them for December.  My plan was to make 2 pillow cases for each month to match the rest of the décor.  This is the first one that I have actually made since December…  And I only made 1.  But hey, I have to leave something to do for next year right?  The other coral pillow I bought from Home Goods.  I already have the fabric for the July and August pillow cases, so I should get those ones done.  We will see about the rest, since my track record so far is so great.  Please don’t look at this pillow case too closely, because I am only a mediocre seamstress and there are lots of mistakes.  I love it anyway.  But it might be painful for you professionals.   I do like it when my points match up, but if they don’t then I usually don’t care enough to unpick them…unless they are REALLY bad… And that is why I will never be really good.

May Holiday Decor (8)May Holiday Decor (2)

I used some of the pink and green bottles for the coffee table, along with some more candles in a pink bowl.

May Holiday Decor (7) May Holiday Decor (10)

The table centerpiece is the other new item I made this year.  I used the wooden trough box and I created an insert for it.  I used the same kind of board that I used to make the box and cut a piece down to 3 1/2 inches wide and 24 inches long, to fit inside with 1/2 inch space on the sides so I will be able to put it in and pull it out.  Then I drilled 9 holes down the middle of it, cut a couple of legs from the extra board, glued them on and stained the whole thing the same color as the box.  Then I collected a few more smaller branches and stuck them through the holes, and made some more bead and ribbon blossoms to attach to them.  I really love how this came out.

May Holiday Decor (11)

And there is May.  I have been working on lots of projects for the next few months, June and August in particular since they are both starting from nothing and I am so excited for them, I can hardly wait.

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One thought on “12 Month’s of Holiday Décor: May

  1. Having lived in the house the last 4 days of May, I must say that the pictures do not do the house justice =-).

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