12 Month’s of Holiday Décor: April

April Easter Decor

I shared a little glimpse of the April décor last year at the end of this post.  It was the first month last year that I really got around to holiday decorating, despite my goal to do it monthly (technically I decorated for March last year, but it was very poorly represented, there really wasn’t much).  Which meant that it was the first month this year that I didn’t have tons of projects I was working on the month before.  Which was nice because I used a lot of March to do some much needed organizing.  This month is going to be a bit tricky in the coming years because I wanted it to be Easter, but since Easter is sometimes in March, that won’t work out very well for the April décor.  Like next year for example, when Easter is March 27th.  I will have to figure out something else for next year.  Maybe the May stuff will be up for April and May.  And because Easter is so early in April this year, the Easter decorations are going to stay up a quite a while after Easter.  Oh well.

So for April I decided that I wanted to use purple as the primary color for the month, to represent Christ because it is the color of Royalty.  And because purple is a spring color.  I had this ribbon garland that I used for a birthday party for me and Rachel a few years ago, so I started with that and hung it over the top of the mirror.

April Easter Decor (1)April Easter Decor (4)

I made 3 of the rhinestone eggs last year.  I used a tutorial I found on Martha Stewart, but I can not find the post anywhere now.  Here is the picture from my Pinterest board.  I basically just glued the rhinestones onto a wooden egg.  I made three more this year too.  Last year I also painted 3 of the same wooden eggs in ombre purple.  I was trying to decide what to do with them and Vu suggested the ombre paint.  There is his contribution to the décor.  🙂  He was/is very proud of himself for that one.

April Easter Decor (5)

The “Christ the Lord is Risen!” sign I made at a church craft activity this past October.  I cut 3 pieces of cedar board 13″ long and then glued them together onto a couple of thin boards.  Then I white washed it and the words are vinyl that were ordered for me for the activity.  I used my wooden trough box and flipped it upside down to add some height.

April Easter Decor (3) April Easter Decor (6)

For the “nests” I used the Valentine heart blocks I made in February and laid them face down and filled them with nesting filler and an assortment of eggs.

April Easter Decor (9)April Easter Decor (13)

For one of the side cabinets, I made a 3 block wood set.  On my table saw I cut a 2″x8″x10′ board into 4.5″,5.5″ and 6.5″ squares, cut some bead board the same sizes, glued the bead board to the blocks, and painted them white.  Then I created the rabbit, egg and flower silhouettes in Illustrator, printed and cut them out and traced them onto 1/4″ thick scraps of wood and cut them out with the scroll saw.  I painted the flower, covered the eggs in washi tape and modge podged burlap on the rabbit and then glued each one on top of the bead board.

April Easter Decor (12) April Easter Decor (7)

I made this basket out of paper bags, following this tutorial and filled it with the nest filler and eggs as well.  I love this cake plate.  I got it at local home decor store, called “Lucky Home” (If you live in the area you should totally check it out.  It’s in Gilman Village in Issaquah.  They have another store called “Lucky You” also in Gilman Village).

April Easter Decor (10) April Easter Decor (8)

The table runner I also made for our birthday party a few years ago.  I bought some white floral fabric from Joann’s, cut and hemmed it, then dip dyed it ombre.  The Hydrangea’s I bought at the grocery store one day and they looked much more purple in the store.  Once I put them next to the rest of the purple on the table, I noticed how much blue they have in them… still love Hydrangea’s though.  And I love that it is potted so it will stay alive…longer.  I won’t go so far as to say it will stay alive indefinitely, I don’t have the greenest thumb.  But I can hope.

April Easter Decor (11)

On the days that I change out the decorations, at night right before we go to bed, I will sit on the couch and look at everything.  I love figuring out where to put everything and the new, fresh feel it gives and seeing how all the projects and ideas I have been working on have come together.  Vu always laughs at me when he sees me sitting there “admiring my decorations.”

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