Vu's MBA Graduation (1)

I can’t believe we are finally here.  I am so excited to finally be done!  Or more accurately, for Vu to finally be done.  On Sunday night after dinner Vu said, “This is when I would normally start doing homework.”  And he didn’t have to.  It was so nice.  I have so many plans for this summer and fall now that I can actually plan things and have Vu do them with me.   I can’t wait.

When he walked across the stage to get his diploma case he (along with some of his buddies) waved his arms above his sides like an airplane (I just missed it in the picture) to indicate that now that he was finished he is ready to move on to the next stage. Which is to get to the point that he can buy a G6.  If you don’t know, that is a personal jet… so we can fly to our future apartment in Paris… and our island off the coast of Montenegro.  🙂

I am so proud of Vu!  He has worked so hard, learned so much, made great friends, and his big dreams have gotten even bigger and I know that he is going to make them come true!  He is so motivated and talented, I know he can do anything he chooses to do!  So Congratulations Vuroom!  I love your guts!

One thought on “VU GRADUATED!!!!

  1. Congrats!! It’s a huge milestone! Looking forward to hearing about your next major breakthrough in professional life 🙂

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