Thankful for Home

I was in Texas a couple of weeks ago and visited Magnolia Market and the Silos, which I loved of course! Ever since I have been home, I have been dying waiting to put up the Thanksgiving decorations to incorporate the things I bought.  I have been looking for some large chunky wood candlesticks for a long time now, but could never find what I wanted.  I think it was because Joanna had them waiting for me. 🙂 And I have been in love with Eucalyptus for years now, but the grocery store floral section is so hit or miss when it sells them, and then sometimes they are super dried out anyway.  (I have been meaning to make to a real florist to see what my options are, but that hasn’t happened yet…)  I always prefer real, but when we were in Magnolia I found these branches that are the best fake I have ever seen, not that I see a lot of fake Eucalyptus… but the fake greenery in general at Magnolia was top notch.  So of course those went into the shopping bag too.  Along with the white vases to put them in as well.  I just love what they all add to the feel of the decorations and I love it so much this month.  It adds so much to the festivity of the month, and I am all ready to count my list of things to be grateful for.  At the top right now being this beautiful perfect time of year, and finally visiting the Silos!  🙂

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