LDS General Conference Prints Oct 2017

I have loved having these conference quotes with me around the house or in my scriptures the last 6 months.  It was so great to be able to reread the words that meant the most to me back in April and to remember them when I needed them over the past 6 months.  This conference I decided it would be really special to have 3 of my close friends tell me what their favorite quotes were too, so I could make one for each of them.  I loved the quotes they chose and I loved trying to fit their quote with a design that I thought matched their personalities.

General Conference is such a special time for me.  I have been really struggling the last couple of months and the Friday before conference, I was walking with a good friend and we were talking about my challenges and about miracles and when God chooses to provide a miracle and then when sometimes he doesn’t.  Then before the Sunday morning session I was just praying that there would be one talk that spoke exactly about what I was struggling with.  And then Elder Hallstrom gave his talk, which didn’t specifically address my struggles, but yet was exactly what I needed to hear and answered my prayer.  This is why I love these conferences so much.   And also why I included 2 quotes from his talk.  🙂

Donald L. Hallstrom 2      Dieter F. Uchtdorf    Russell M. Nelson

Donald L. Hallstrom 1       Henry B. Eyring       Jeffrey R. Holland

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