The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I pulled out all my Christmas boxes the day after Thanksgiving, and just barely finished putting everything out today.  I just haven’t felt like doing it lately.  It also didn’t really start to feel like Christmas until today.  Vu says it is because it has been pretty warm, but I think it was also because the decorations weren’t done.  I found out about the Eucalyptus at Trader Joe’s just in time, because I have been planning on using it for my Christmas decorations all year and was worried about how I was going to find enough of it.  I picked up a simple fir wreath as well and added 4 different kinds of Eucalyptus to it, and also added it to the garland on the banister.  I love how they both look, especially the banister with the different mint colored ribbon and bell ornaments from Hearth and Hand.

I have been planning on bleaching some of my bottle brush trees and finally got around to it this year.  I bleached them just enough to turn them mint.  At first I didn’t think they looked that much different until I saw one next to the an unbleached one.  I love how they look.  The only thing that could have increased my love for bottle brush trees.  And I now have more Christmas wood signs than I can actually put out each year… 😂  The metal wreath on the peace sign I picked up at “The Great Junk Hunt” last year, and I love it too.  It always makes me so happy when I find perfect metal pieces that I can use to add to my own wood decorations.  The Noel sign I made with some friends for a girls craft weekend and we just copied one we saw online, each making it our own in little ways.  And the last new sign this year, is the “there will be miracles” one.  I bought the metal sign at Magnolia Market when I was there in October and then I made the “shiplap” frame for it.  I added one new white tree this year, the wood carved one.  I used my dremel to carve it, like I did with the chargers, and I love how it looks all snow covered.  I also can’t get over the adorable little wood nativity.  I bought it in Melk, Austria last year.  I already loved this style of nativity with the wood half circle over it, but in miniature it is so perfect.  The decorations this year make so happy, I just love how festive they make it feel at home.  And I am so happy that it is finally starting to feel like Christmas to me!

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