Christmas Cards 2017

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is sending and getting Christmas Cards. It’s the only time of the year I actually get the mail every day. Around the time Vu and I got married the infographic was circulating around the Internet, and I loved them so much I knew when I started sending out cards I wanted to do one too. It was around this time that I bought Illustrator, and our 2013 card was the first project I designed (I couldn’t find any of the cards though… so maybe I didn’t keep one… 😕) and I have had so much fun designing one every year since. I love each one, but last years is by far my favorite. And of course I always try and match our outfits and the picture card color to the infographic. 😁 And I just realized that for at least these four there is some kind of tree in each one… 😂 I do love trees!

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