Phamily Christmas Dinner

Vu and I were in Boston with my family for Christmas, so we had our Christmas dinner with his family after we got back.  Before Hearth and Hand came out at Target I had looked online to get an idea of what I wanted, and I liked these green and black plaid napkins, but then when I saw them in person I loved them so much.  So I knew I wanted to use them for this Christmas dinner.  I decided to do a greenery and chalkboard theme to match the colors of the napkins. I designed the chalkboard menu in Illustrator and I made the embellishments on the menu a little bit too “chalky” and they ended up more “rubbed off” looking than I wanted.  I found the little chalkboards at Michael’s that I used for the name tags.

I knew I wanted to make a little  wreath to go with the name tag and menu and my friend Kim was showing me some stuff she got at the Target dollar section and included was this wired strand of greenery.  I went to multiple Target’s multiple times looking for them, and I could never find it.  When I was asking Kim what it was called so I could see if I could order them online she just gave me one, which was so nice of her and I really appreciated it so much.

I wanted to get a second set of the candlesticks but they were sold out when I went back, so I added some regular candles around them instead.  The centerpiece was also missing something the way I first arranged it, so I folded some of the extra napkins and created a little table runner out of them which made such a big difference.  I made these sausage rolls for the appetizer and they were SO good.  The Fontina stuff pork chops were a recipe that we got when we tried out Blue Apron and they are also really good.  And then these copy cat Lion House rolls were another winner.

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