Let It Snow!

I got sick shortly after Christmas and it lasted forever.  I finally have felt better this week, but have felt so behind on everything in life so it took forever to take down the Christmas decorations.  I made a few new things last January.  Vu got me a Silhouette for Christmas at the end of 2016 and for my first project I made the wood sign with the deer in the trees.  I had so many tiny little pieces, it was maybe a bit too complicated for my first project.  It took forever to trace around the cutout and then paint all the tiny little lines.  But that is how I do things.  🙂 The little town scene with the houses and wood burned trees I made to fit inside my white square tray so it takes up less storage space.  I love the little trees and buildings.  The embroidered table runner I picked up at the market in Budapest in May 2016 and it is so pretty, they had so many beautiful things it was hard to choose.  I also found some crocheted lace that I got in Brugge, Belgium a long time ago that look a lot like snowflakes.  Now I hope that it actually will snow a few more times this winter.  So far the forecast has been mostly rain.

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