Christmas in Boston

For Christmas last year Vu and I went to Boston to spend it with my family at Rachel’s house.  I was so excited to go, since you know how much I love Boston, and I have never been in the Winter.  I couldn’t wait to see all my favorite spots with Christmas decor.  One of my favorite cities during one of my favorite holidays.  🙂  I came down with a cold the day we flew out which was really annoying, but I still had a great time despite that.  We went into the city most days.

We took a tour of Harvard.  We went to a European village market and the North End for some pasta and pastries.  I think I found my favorite Italian restaurant, Caremelina’s, which I need to go to every time I visit Rachel.  We went to Quincy market for the tree lighting show.  And to the top of the Prudential center for a view of the whole city.  Took a tour of Fenway park and visited the Boston Library.  And we walked around Beacon Hill, Boston Public Garden and Boston Common where it started to snow.  My cousin is currently attending Harvard MBA school so that was fun to have him and his family join us when they could.  One day we drove out to the middle of Massachusetts to the area my mom grew up where her sisters still live and had dinner with most of her family.

On Christmas Eve me and my dad and Rachel made Christmas dinner.  It also snowed a couple of days, including Christmas day which I loved.  I walked over to the graveyard by Rachel’s house to get pictures of the snow.  When I visited in September and hoped to be back in winter, I didn’t think that would happen 4 month’s later.  Now all I need is spring.  Rachel and I have another trip planned for this year, which we are planning for May, so hopefully I can get it then.  I do love getting pictures of all 4 season in the same spot and the trees there are so amazing that makes it even better.  It was a great trip, but I was happy to come home to my nice spacious house and comfortable bed.  7 people staying in my sister’s 2 bedroom apartment was a bit tight… although it worked better than expected.

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