Love at Home

Ever since Vu and I got married I have had plans for things I wanted to do in February for Valentine’s day and then either I or Vu have gotten or been sick.  I am really hoping to avoid that this year. I got sick on the plane to Boston and then when I had just gotten better I caught another cold flying home that lasted into the new year.  So I am really hoping to avoid all illnesses this month.  Looking back at the last Valentine Decoration post I did, I feel like they have changed so much, and I like it now so much better than I did before.  I just love how everything has come together this year.  The things that have made the biggest different I think are the wreath, jigsaw heart and circle love sign all of which I made last year, and I love how they turned out.  Oh and the  coral and lace table runner too!  ❤  Although I really should iron more….  I used this tutorial for the circle sign and the jigsaw heart I made because I had a bunch of scrap wood pieces that I wanted to use up.  I still have a lot of scraps so I need to think of some more projects for them.  Finger’s crossed that it will be a cold free month!

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