Twin Trip: Boston

In the end of August, just 2 days after Rachel flew home, I flew out to Boston for a twin trip to Prince Edward Island.  Before we left I spent a couple of days in Boston. I went out to East Boston for a skyline view that I have always looked for and finally found.  I wandered around the North End, one of my favorite neighborhoods in Boston and met up with Rachel for some Italian food for dinner and a stop at Mike’s pastry’s.  I walked around Rachel’s neighborhood, visiting one of her favorite ponds and also my favorite trees in the graveyard close to her house.  I have now seen them in Summer and Autumn, so I’m thinking I need to round them out with a visit in Winter and Spring!  Then we drove up to Maine and PEI for the week, but I had a couple more days in Boston afterwards before flying home.  We took a duck tour, then walked from the Prudential center, down to the Public Garden and visited my other favorite neighborhood, Beacon Hill.  We caught it just at sunset, so the lighting was perfect!  We also went out to visit my mom’s twin sisters, and some of my cousins, who I haven’t seen in a very long time and it was really good to see them again.  It really is fortunate that Rachel moved to one of my favorite cities!

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