Sequim Lavender Festival

Last week on Friday I went to the Lavender Festival in Sequim with my mom.  We drove out in the morning and visited a number of the different farms and then went to the festival and got some lunch and walked through all the stalls.  We got some lavender ice cream at the end, before we drove home.  It was a pretty perfect day for it, really sunny but not too hot.  I love the lavender fields so much.  They are so pretty.  My favorite farm is Graysmarsh.  It is the closest one to what I image the French fields in Provence look like.  The bushes are really big and uniform and there is a small little valley running down the center and the rows look so pretty from the top of the hills with the trees lined up behind them.  They also have raspberries and blackberries so we picked up a flat of each and they were so good.  It was a really pretty drive too, along the Puget Sound with all the views of the water along the way.

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