East Coast Twin Trip: Cape Cod and Newport + video

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

We got to Cape Cod on Thursday evening and drove through a rain storm on the way.  I love summer storms.  We got to the hotel just as the sun was setting.  We were right on the beach and had private access so we hung out there watching the sunset and the waves.  I just love the ocean so much.  The next day we drove all the way to the very tip of the cape to Provincetown.  We got some breakfast and met the funnest couple that has been vacationing there for about 30 years.  We were planning on walking around the town but couldn’t find anywhere to park for less than $20.  Since we hadn’t planned on staying that long, we didn’t want to pay that much.  The couple we met at breakfast suggested some beach lookout spots, so we drove out to those and then spent the rest of the day just meandering around back towards our hotel.  It was a really muggy day and by that point we were pretty tired from the whole trip, so in the evening we went back to the hotel and sat on the deck enjoying the ocean view.  We left on Saturday morning and drove to Newport, Rhode Island.

Newport, Rhode Island

We got to Newport on Saturday afternoon and went straight to “The Breakers”.  It was so cool.  I am so fascinated with the Gilded Age and it was so interesting to see a remnant of that time.  It was by far the most impressive of the mansions in my opinion.  I loved the huge ballroom with the staircase and balconies surrounding it and the covered balcony on the back.  After that we toured “The Elms”.  It has a sunken garden in the back, I love those too.  We also toured “Chepstowe” that day, but it was just a huge collection of random furniture and objects from every decade and style and jam packed together in no order at all.  And the tour is only about the objects, not the history.  The objects are our least favorite part, so we really did not enjoy that tour at all.  By that time all the houses were closed, so we walked down along the cliff walk.  This was one of my favorite things.  It is so pretty, with the rocks jutting out to the ocean and the houses all lined up along it.  On Sunday we went back and toured “Rosecliff” first.  I loved the layout of the gardens and shrubs at this one the best.  Then we went to “Marble House”.  I definitely think the 4 main houses are the best ones, they have free audio guides so you can go at your own pace and listen to only the things that interest you.  And the information in the tour is all about the history of that time and building and the people that lived there.  Which is the most interesting part anyway.  We drove back up to Boston after that and then I flew out the next day.  I got to see and do so many things on this whole trip that have been on bucket list for a while, which was so fun.  I also put together a video from the whole trip and it is my favorite one so far!

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