Anniversary Celebrations

We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary over the last 2 weekends.  Our anniversary was on a Friday, but Vu likes to do our celebratory dinner on the Saturday closest to our actual anniversary, because it so much easier with work and traffic.  So on Friday Vu requested I make A LOT of ribs, and then when he saw how big of a pile it turned out to be realized it was a bit too much… 😂 he sure does like his ribs!  He also stopped on his way home and bought me some beautiful red roses. ❤️

There are a few restaurants we have been wanting to try that some of our friends, Bill and Andrea, introduced us to.  We all went to Cafe Juanita in Kirkland when they were here a while ago, and it was the most amazing food either of us have ever had.  It was one of 5 on Bill’s list, so we have been wanting to try the other 4 on his list.  We chose Bateau and I made reservations for the Saturday after our anniversary, but then I realized that it was the same weekend as Sea Fair and they close the I-90 bridge.  So we decided to change our reservations to last weekend and then go to the Dining Room at Salish Lodge on the 4th.  We have tired to go to the Lodge multiple times spontaneously, but every time it has been fully booked.  So we finally made it, and it was so good.  Probably the best pork chop we have ever had in our life.  They gave us some sparkling cider to toast with since we were celebrating our anniversary.

Then last weekend we made it to Bateau.  We got the tasting menu, because that is what we did at Cafe Juanita and loved it so much.  It was 5 courses, all of which incorporate beef, since beef is what they do.  We got a steak on the side, per our server’s recommendation, to get a good taste of “both sides of the menu”.  It was all good, and we enjoyed it.  But it wasn’t life changing like the tasting menu at Cafe Juanita.  My favorite one was the mushroom dish with mashed potatoes, and when I told Vu that when we got home he was really surprised because the meat came from a part of the cow I don’t normally eat… 😂 I can’t actually remember which part, but I am definitely a mental eater, so I don’t need the reminder.  I still think it was really good though.  Vu has been a bit obsessed with his 3D printer the last couple of months so he made me a really cool heart made out of gears that you can rotate.  It was a great anniversary!  I am definitely a fan of stretching out the celebrations over a week!

Oh and in case you are wondering how the churro’s incorporated beef, they were fried in beef fat.  Which we actually didn’t particularly like the beef flavoring with our churro…

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