Staying Inside in the Summer Sun

It feels like July and August have just flown by so fast, because I have had some thyroid imbalances lately so I have been so tired.  But then on the other hand because of my trips to Utah and the East Coast in May and June where the temperatures were way past my preferred ranges, it also feels like it has been a super long summer and I just can’t wait for it to end.  I feel like a broken record on this, always complaining about the heat.  But like I say to everyone who thinks my dislike of the sun is crazy, I moved to western Washington for a reason.  And that reason is the rain and clouds.  It’s a good thing August has mine and Vu’s anniversary and my birthday, so I at least have some things to look forward to.  Otherwise I think I might sadly really hate August… 😂 also at least I have these bright pops of turquoise and gold to help me out too!  And now I will quietly sit in my air conditioned house and leave all my friends to enjoy their idea of the perfect weather while I anxiously anticipate autumn!  Which seems to be my yearly mantra in August

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