Seattle Winter 2019 – aka “Snowmageddon”

We don’t usually get a lot of snow in Seattle, but most of the time we will at least get a few smaller snow storms, especially out in Snoqualmie where we live.  This year I kept waiting though December and January with nothing… I love snow and wanted to get at least one small snowfall.  Well… February came along and in a 1 1/2 week period we got more snow than we have had in 80 or 90 years… everyone was calling it Snowmageddon.  We got snow storm on top of snow storm on top of snow storm.  Towards the end we had so much snow that the city was advising people not to leave their houses unless it was an emergency and it was too deep for the snow plows to get to as fast as usual.  It was pretty crazy.  I definitely was loving it, but it stopped just in time because I did have some things that I needed to get done eventually.  There were also some really pretty foggy days this winter.  For a winter that started out so mild, it got pretty intense.  We actually still have the piles of snow that haven’t completely melted yet, after all, by the end they were taller than me… I finally got my fill of snow and now I am excited for spring to come!

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