Easter Dinner 2019

There is a really adorable flower and gift shop in downtown Snoqualmie that I only discovered last year, and I have been meaning to order some flowers from them, but never actually remembered to do it.  That is until now, for Easter dinner.  They even carry lilac which I have never seen before… you know in my grocery store floral section… no surprises there.  I made some watercolor floral eggs using this tutorial, and I absolutely love them!  They were so fun to paint and are so pretty.  I put them into little “nests” with some brown filler and the Valentine signs that I flipped upside down.  I did have a bit a difficult time with the plastic eggs… I could not find them very easily and it was even harder to find ones that take water… I had to order them on Amazon and make sure they were dye-able.  The regular craft stores ones would not take the water.  So I used them for the name tags instead, and hand lettered them on with my silver brush pen.  Then put those eggs into these cute little shredded paper bag nests.

For the food I made some shallot and thyme pork chops, mashed potatoes, my go to rolls and a strawberry avocado vinaigrette salad.  I wanted to keep the whole nest theme for the desserts so I made some toasted coconut chocolate nests using balloons.  I forgot to take the chocolate off of the heat though, so the balloons kept popping in the melted chocolate… and exploding chocolate everywhere… all over my face and my kitchen.  That was not so fun… but they turned out really good once I figured that out (let’s not talk about cleaning the chocolate out of my back splash). And they tasted so good.  It would make really good bark too I think (and that would come with the benefit of no exploding chocolate).  Overall it was a great Easter!

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