March Vacations: Orlando – Magic Kindgom & Fort Lauderdale Temple

(the baby elephant is whispering all her secrets to Vu… 😉 )

Our second day of parks we went to Magic Kingdom in Disneyworld, ensuring our continued tradition of going to a Disney park on average once a year since we got married. My favorite ride is The Snow White one, which is only in Disneyworld and always has the longest line. I have cousins that live in Orlando and came with us which was so fun. We had lunch before they got there and but they recommended we eat at Skipper’s Cantina (which they do not have in Disneyland) and it was so good.  I got the lamb and both Vu and I could not get enough of it.  I love the tangled area in Disneyworld and my cousin pointed out the Tangled theme bathroom they have which was so cute. I love the attention to all the little details in Disney parks.

The next day we took a pretty big detour down to Fort Lauderdale to go the temple. I loved the grounds at this one, all the palm trees and flowers were so pretty. There were almost the most beautiful tropical floral rugs in the foyers inside.

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