Instagram Rainbow Series

A woman that I follow on Instagram has done a number of rainbow series on her page where she posts 3 pictures in a row of each color in the rainbow.  I love this, I think it looks so pretty in her feed so I decided to do it in April.  I started with some pictures I took in San Fransisco and the first post had multiple pictures of a rainbow of colors of all the pretty buildings and the only color I couldn’t find was red, so I started it with the San Fransisco bridge.  I really enjoyed doing this project, it pushed my creativity in a way that I don’t usually do it and was fun to explore my area a little more looking for cool colored buildings.

Red: San Fransisco bridge, enjoying being back at home in the rain, delicious Risalamande pudding with a strawberry sauce.

Orange: Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, a Sunday stroll with Vu to see the cherry blossoms in downtown Snoqualmie, an amazing Mexico sunrise.

Yellow: cool building with flower pots in downtown Snoqualmie, some interesting train doors also in Historic Snoqualmie, daffodils at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

Green: exploring the more rural part of Snoqualmie, remembering seeing the beautiful Notre Dame in Paris after some sad news, getting some beautiful Eucalyptus at my cute local flower shop.

Blue: the beautiful water at Tulum in Mexico, a Sunday drive with Vu – “Blue rides, blue skies and weekend vibes”… 😉 , beautiful clear blue skies and pretty white blossoms.

Purple: Easter dinner flowers and hand painted watercolor eggs, wisteria I found in San Fransisco, remembering the different varieties of lilacs a couple of friends gave me last year while I anticipated them blooming this year.

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