March Vacations: San Fransisco – Coit Tower to Palace of Fine Arts

(can you see Lombard street? on the left…)

Coit Tower

Lombard Street

Union Street & Pacific Heights

Lyon Street Steps and Presidio

Palace of Fine Arts

The Wave Organ

On my third day in San Fransisco I started in the morning at Coit tower.  The view from the top was so good! The tower is perfectly situated to see the financial district skyline, the ferry building, Lombard street and the Golden Gate bridge and Alcatraz.  After coming down, I wandered down towards Lombard street and then explored the area between Coit tower and Presidio.  I think I went up and down 4 of the 7 hills in the city….  I stopped by the flower shops on Union street and wanted to take all of them with me, especially those ranunculi’s, and then had a leisurely lunch at Rose’s Cafe. Then back up to Lyon street steps and I loved seeing all the cool houses. I kept running across so much Wisteria and one that I found that I loved so much.  After getting to the top of the Lyon street I went back down the hill to Preisido and ran across a fun Yoda fountain and it was so pretty in the park with all of the spring blossoms.  I saw the Palace of Fine arts from up at the top of the hill so I went down to see it and it was so much larger than I expected it to be.  I finished the afternoon by walking out to the wave organ.  It was a really fun day, even if I was so tired by the end of it from so much walking up and down the famous San Fransisco hills.  

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