March Vacations: San Fransisco – Architecture, 116th Ave Tiled Steps & the Conservatory of Flowers

Grandview Park and the 116th Ave Tiled Steps

Conservatory of Flowers in the Golden Gate Park

One of the things that I love most about San Fransisco is all the architecture and I wandered around different areas looking at all of the houses at least once everyday.  There was one particular neighborhood that my Uber drove through on my way home on the third day that I especially loved so I dropped a pin in my maps.  The next morning I started my day with breakfast at Farm: Table and then I took an Uber back to my pin and just wandered in and out of the little streets.  Above I included some of my favorite architectural pictures from all week all over San Fransisco.  I love the colors, the victorian details, the steps, the moldings, the bay windows, etc…. they are all just so charming.

After my wanderings, I took another Uber to the 116th Ave Tiled steps.  They are leading up to Grand View park which is on a hill, so I started out climbing to the top of the park for yet another spot of great city scape views, and I loved the hillside below filled with all the yellow wildflowers.  Then I went down the steps, and I was really glad I started at the top…  they are just some neighborhood steps, and the locals all got together and paid for the mosaics and you can see their names on some of the tiles.  The whole thing was so beautiful, I loved how it started with the fish in a river and works it’s way up through a garden and mountains and the sky and the stars and moon and sun.  There were so many cute details.  I had to wait about 20 minutes to try and get a picture without anyone on them, and got really close to giving up, but am so glad I didn’t.  After getting my fill of the steps I walked down the hill to the Golden Gate Park and went to the Conservatory of the flowers.  I loved the greenhouse architecture too, I thought it was so pretty.

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