March Vacation: San Fransisco – Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz

Golden Gate Bridge


On my fourth day in San Fransisco, after the Conservatory of Flowers, I took another Uber to the Golden Gate Bridge.  When I was in San Fransisco last time, I really wanted to go to Marshall’s beach, but it was at the end of long day and Vu really wanted to just get to the hotel, so he gave me 20 minutes to get down there on my own.  Which meant I was super rushed and tried to do it as quickly as possible and didn’t see any signs to get down, so I ended up scaling down the cliff side following other people who had done it.  Well it was not my favorite thing at all, so this time I had plenty of time and was able to actually find the real trail down.  So much nicer that way.  It was in the afternoon at high tide and there was a storm rolling in so there was almost no one on the beach.  My kind of perfect.  It was a pretty little hike down to the beach too, with great views.  It started raining and got REALLY windy right when I got back up to the top, so perfect timing again and I just went back to the hotel.

On my the fifth day, Friday, I was so tired from doing so much walking, that my feet couldn’t handle too much more, so I picked up some breakfast at Vive La Tarte by the hotel, and the only thing I did was to go back to the bridge.  I got dropped off at the Golden Gate Welcome Center and walked about half way across the bridge, then back to the welcome center and down around the area there and just sat on a bench and enjoyed the view for a while before heading back.  I love the Golden Gate Bridge so much, and I love seeing it from all of the different view points and perspectives, throughout the week I went to a number of different ones.

Saturday was our last day there, and Vu was off work so he actually came out with me.  We got an early lunch at In ‘n Out Burger (Vu can’t go to California without going at least once), then walked down to the Pier for the Alcatraz tour.  I have wanted to go out to Alcatraz every time I have gone to San Fransisco, but we never remember to get tickets before hand, but this time I finally did.  If you don’t get them early, then they sell out and are only available from scalpers for a lot more money.  Once you get to the island they have a headset tour of the prison, and it was all so interesting.  It was a fun week, and I am so happy that I finally got to spend so much time there, since every time I have gone in the past, it was just for a day or so.  There are still a lot more things I want to do, but I just couldn’t do any more walking than I already did so I will have to go with Vu again sometime.

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