Pike’s Place Market, Woodland Park Zoo and Mt Rainier

In the beginning of November, my brother and his wife came out to Seattle to go to the Utah vs UW football game.  They stayed a few days longer and we hung out with them and it was a fun long weekend.  We had all just bought my dad a smoker for his birthday, so on Saturday after the game we all met up at my parents house for dinner and it was so good!  I am so excited for all of the dinners we will have with his new smoker.  If only I could talk Vu into getting and using one….

On Monday we went to Pike’s place market in the morning and got our favorite, Piroshky’s, and some mini donuts and wandered around.  I love the winter flowers with all of the mini cabbage flowers.  After that we went to Woodland Park Zoo for the afternoon.  It was my first visit there and I loved it so much.  I loved how the habitats were mimicking their natural environment as much as possible.  We got pretty lucky seeing almost all of the animals, except the river otters which are my Sister in law’s favorite…

On Tuesday I was up early driving down to my parents so we could drive into Mt Rainier before their flight home.  It was a super foggy drive and so pretty.  A lot of the National Park was closed at that point in the season, due to snow, so we drove around in the sections that were open.  We were able to see some really pretty waterfalls and I loved seeing the Mountain with all of the snow.

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