Olympic National Park

Over Labor day weekend I went on my last camping trip for the summer with my sister and parents.  We went to Olympic National Park and camped on the inland mountain side of the park.  We usually go to the western coastal section because we love that so much, so I really wanted to do some more of the inland areas.  Some of my favorite things we did over the weekend:  drove up to Hurricane Ridge to the Visitor Center and hiked around that area enjoying the mountain views; went to see the wild salmon jumping up the river; hiking to Sol Duc Falls; and taking a drive along the northern coast of the peninsula, outside of the park.  We wanted to go to Cape Flattery and try to see some whales, but we missed the sign that said everything in the Makkah Reservation was closed due to Covid, but it was a pretty drive and we found a couple of really pretty spots to eat lunch and enjoy the ocean.  Olympic really is one of my favorite National Parks.

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