A Quiet Halloween Dinner

For Halloween last year, since there were no events going on, we had a quiet night at home with my sister’s for dinner and games.  It was a really fun night for us to just hang out at home.  I went fairly simple (for me) on the table this year with no real theme besides a color scheme of black, white and copper.  For the centerpiece I just painted some of my mini pumpkins from around the house in those colors, and collected a few candles and flowers to match. I have been eyeing these copper mules for a few years I think, and I finally just bought them.  I love them so much.  I love how they feel with a nice chilled drink in them.  They were the catalyst for the color scheme theme.  I made a quick menu/name card in a simple design with some hand lettering and washi tape on the paper with the printed list.  I loved the modern look of it, I felt that it worked very well with the color scheme.

For food I started with a caramelized balsamic onion crostini with goat cheese and it was the clear favorite dish of the night.  All of us just kept going back for more.  For the main course I made crock pot dried plum pork over mashed potatoes which is a go to dish for us, and some parmesan oven roasted parmesan brussel sprouts and butternut squash.  I served the squash in my cute mini cauldrons.  For dessert I made my mini fruit pizza’s and for the topping instead of fruit I made a caramel apple topping… which I actually didn’t like very much.  The idea sounded very appealing to me, but the green apples didn’t mix very well with the rest of it and I ended up picking them off and eating them separately from the rest.  The homemade caramel sauce with the chopped up  pieces of rolo’s and heath bar’s was very good though.

I didn’t plan our costumes ahead of time this year, and so last minute Vu and I just pulled whatever we could together for Clue characters: Mr Green and Mrs Peacock.  I called my sisters to see if they wanted to join us and Chani had everything for Miss Scarlet, but Rachel didn’t have anything she could do, so she went with her old devil standby costume.

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