I am really excited about the St. Patrick’s day decorations this year mostly because of that beautiful watercolor wreath in the middle of the mantle.  I have mentioned my love with watercolor before, but what I haven’t mentioned is that I often really struggle with it.  Because I have a really hard time painting something with dimension… so I try it out for a while and then give up when I totally suck at it.  And then after some time, my love of it emerges again and try again.  Well this past week I have gotten on another one of my “I am going to be a master water colorist” kicks and while practicing produced this gem.  😍  I love it so much and am so proud of it (and maybe a bit obsessed with it…😬) that I keep sending pictures of it to my friends so they can tell me how much they love it too…. 😂 And it just happened to fit perfectly with the St. Patrick’s day decorations.   How lucky!

Onto other news, do you notice that light blue Anne of Green Gables book in the book rainbow on the mantle?  When I was in PEI with my sister last year I wanted to get a beautiful hardback copy of Anne of Green Gables and I found a trilogy of the first 3 that I loved and bought.  But then I saw this one in another store and couldn’t resist getting a second copy.  I mean how beautiful is it!  And in conclusion, last year I designed a new printable for the little white frame.  Because the ones that I made a few years ago were some of the first ever Holiday printables I had done, and I really didn’t love them.  (You could also read the previous sentence as I came to hate them…) It took me a while to figure out how to design something that I did love… but there it is! 🙂 Happy St. Patrick’s day! ☘

Just in case you love my lucky print too…

Lucky 5×7

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