West Coast Drive Time Lapse Video

When we did our drive up the WestCoast in September last year I really wanted to do a Time Lapse video with my GoPro.  It was a bit challenging at times, but we figured out how to do it.  Then when I got home however there was soooo much footage and it would have been the longest video ever, so I wanted to cut it down, but that took forever.  But I finally finished it.  After Vu helped me with some computer programming to rename the files, because it has to be exactly sequential to turn the pictures into a video.  Which was the biggest problem for me.  It’s a really good thing Vu could help me out with it, or else this video might never have gotten finished.

I love watching it back, it is so fun to have this reminder of our trip.  I love seeing the landscape, sky, clouds and weather change.  And seeing how long we waited in line for that In and Out burger… 😂😂😂  It is funny how crazy the video gets anytime the road gets curvy.  I wanted to share a few of my favorite images from the stills, even though they are not really up to the normal standard I have with my other pictures.  What with the glare, tilted angles, blur and bug splats… 😱 but I love being able to see these sites from the perspective that we had the whole trip.  And that bridge in Astoria was crazy long!  Something else I noticed while on the trip, there were so many times we would start to get a glimpse of an amazing view and then the road would curve and the view would be out the left window completely out of the shot…. so beautiful to enjoy, but only the briefest glimpse of it got captured.

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