Springing into Spring!

I have noticed a pattern that happens almost every year here.  In March we get a couple of weeks of sunny weather before we settle in for a couple more months of rain.  It marks the beginning of spring and the cherry blossoms start popping up all over and the little tiny buds start appearing on all the trees.  We get random days or just a few hours or minutes of the sun peeping out through the clouds and shafts of light filter in through all the windows in the house.   I love it.  We have a cherry blossom tree right outside our front door, and every year as it grows we get a few more flowers on it, and I just love seeing it so much.   This year I noticed that ours is the only house on our street that has this tree, and I am so happy that the builders decided to plant it at our house.  I have enjoyed watching it fill out so much the last couple of weeks.  And I actually love the next couple of months of rain too.  To me it is what spring is supposed to feel like.  This time of year there is just so much that makes me so happy.  And I am so excited for Easter and General Conference and the Wisteria to start blooming and the buds to start shooting out their leaves…. anyway I really love this time year.  But basically I love almost every time of year, because I say that same thing about the Autumn colors and October and the start of the holiday’s and Christmas and anytime it snows and summer storms and sunsets and…. 😂😂😂

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