Easter 2018

I am so excited for next Easter when my parents will finally be living here and we can have Easter dinner with them.  But this year was a good one.  I think it is pretty obvious that I have a thing for colored glass water goblets.  I am pretty much always keeping an eye open for any that I like.  Well I kept seeing purple ones in sets of 2, which is obviously not enough.  Then a few years ago I found a couple that were the same pattern as this purple cake plate that I have and I thought how cute it would be to collect purple goblets in sets of 2.  I figured since I have been seeing them everywhere that it would be really easy to find enough.  Well a month ago, my current total was 4 goblets, 2 sets of 2.  Not enough.  After seeing them all the time, I went to never seeing any.  I really wanted to do all purple for this Easter dinner, so I had to find at least one more set.  Which I thankfully did.  I love having all of the different sets together.

Some friends invited us over for the super bowl this year and he made some amazing ribs, and Vu requested that I make them for Easter.  Our friend kindly gave me the recipe and they really are so good.  Then Vu asked if we could make the typical sides to go with the ribs… which wasn’t my favorite idea for Easter dinner but I let him have it and it turned out really good.  Vu even made the garlic green beans.  We have been having them a lot lately, and Vu has been making them every time.  He has really perfected them.  And it was no surprise that in the end all of the ribs and bacon were gone.

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