A Late Christmas Dinner

Since we were gone for Christmas this year, we had a late Christmas dinner with Vu’s family after we got back, in the new year.  We invited my parents and sister to come as well.  I found these adorable Christmas greenery appetizer plates at the dollar spot in Target last year, but my store only had a few so I asked my mom to look for them at her store and she ended up scouring multiple Target’s at multiple times to get a whole bunch of them for me (thank you Mom!).  I used them for the theme for the rest of the table.  Other than those plates, I didn’t have a plan at all (even the menu) until 2:00 pm the day of… that is very unusual for me, but I had been sick all week…. so I did have have a plan for a menu and name cards (after my 2:00 brainstorming session), but I just didn’t have time to get to them.  On the menu we had: cranberry rosemary chicken (I really enjoyed this), rosemary smash potatoes (that I make all the time), my mom’s pomegranate pear salad, some Brazilian cheese bread (from the frozen section at Costco that you just bake, so easy and so good), an assortment of red fruits, lime pomegranate juice (another previous favorite), and some chocolate tarts that looked super cute but were just ok.

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