Winter From my Window

As you probably know, I love the seasons so much, so I usually take my camera out a lot to capture the beautiful changes of nature every season.  This winter though, the homebody introvert part of me was strong and I didn’t get out as much as usual.  I did however take full advantage of the view out our window.  I love this view, and I love sitting up there enjoying the view of Mt Si and other mountains, and all of the trees around us.  I feel like there are just so many different kinds of clouds and light, that are each so unique and beautiful.  The snow storms this year were much more frequent and spaced out, as well as smaller compared to last year.  That was nice to be able to enjoy it many times throughout the months instead of all at once.  Although last year was pretty epic.  Now I am going to try and enjoy spring from home as much as possible, since due to a certain virus, we are all staying home and not just me.

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