Easter Dinner for Two

Easter dinner was a bit different this year, with all of us being quarantined, it was just me and Vu.  We still had a nice quiet little dinner.  I have done a purple and green color scheme for all three of the last Easter dinners (as well as my Easter decor) and I love that color scheme, but I decided to switch it up this year and add pink and blue (which I also did in my decor as well… by coincidence).  It was a fun change to have so much color this year.  I found these cute watercolor floral appetizer and salad plates and used them as the starting point for everything else.  I didn’t have a circular charger I wanted to use, so I decided to make some paper cut ones using my silhouette.  The idea started really simple, but as is so often the case with me, it snowballed and got more complicated as I went… it was a good thing I only needed to make 2.  I found this tutorial to make the 3D paper eggs and name tags, which were super simple but really cute.  I had some leftover plastic craft eggs from last year (ones that I bought to watercolor paint on, but that wouldn’t take the watercolor…) so I painted a design on them using acrylic paint.

I tried out a new entree recipe, Saucy french chicken, which we both loved (Vu tried to not love it since it is french… but he did anyway  😂).  For sides I made mashed potatoes, Parmesan asparagus, and Yorkshire puddings. I have made Yorkshire puddings in a muffin tin for years, and just recently came across this post that has a bunch of tips about how to make them perfectly.  The biggest difference for me was the special shallow pan.  I bought this a few months ago, and I LOVE how they turn out now, it seriously makes the biggest difference for me.  For dessert I made mini pineapple upside down cakes.  I used a recipe I got from an old co-worker, but instead of using a box mix, I tired out the yellow cake mix from this recipe and I loved how it turned out.

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