A Season of Thanks

This year for Thanksgiving, Vu decided that he wanted to make a deep fried turkey.  This was pretty big news to me, because Vu doesn’t really cook.  Like not at all.  He is also very squeamish about touching raw meat and usually refuses to do it. Like I said, big news.  I was pretty nervous about him taking this on, having heard plenty of “things gone wrong” stories about the fryers.  But of course, as with all things that Vu does, he researched everything he could to make sure he did it properly and safely.  And it was AMAZING!  The best turkey I have ever had.

My dad also brought some turkey that he had smoked on his smoker.  Smoked turkey is the second best turkey I have ever had.  So it was a really good year for Turkey.  Which is usually not my favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal.  A stuffing and rolls girl over here.  Everything else was so good too, it was a very delicious year.  And keeping with our family tradition we had way more pie than any of us could eat.   Afterwards a few of us played Rook.  We used to play this a lot at our Thanksgiving’s growing up.  Delicious food, an abundance of pie and a game of Rook.  Pretty much what most of my Thanksgiving’s growing up were made up of.  I love traditions!

P.S.  This year confirms it, I am 100% a cream pies kind of girl.  It took me a while to figure out because my mom doesn’t like cream at all, so we never had cream pies growing up.  I like all the other pies well enough (except pumpkin) but I will always choose the cream pies first.  Especially the chocolate.  I definitely should not have made it a mini.

P.P.S.  For some reason with Thanksgiving more than any other holiday I like switching up the colors and trying non traditional color schemes.

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