Snoqualmie Autumn

Snoqualmie Autumn 5

The last few years that we have lived in Snoqualmie, I have found many beautiful spots that are really great for the fall leaves.  The city did a really good job of planning the trees lining the streets to be so pretty.  I have many of these spots that I try to go to each year to enjoy and there are often a number of other people from the area doing the same thing.  However this year there were quite a lot of people from all over the Seattle area that were also coming to see them too.

Apparently the word has spread.  I am not surprised though.  A few years ago when I was in New England for the fall I had not yet found the amazing color that I had been anticipating (I did end up getting there a few days later) and I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw a picture that was exactly the thing I had been hoping to see.  And it was in Snoqualmie…. 😂 The mountains and hills may not have the natural color range of New England, but they still get a lot of yellows (butterscotch and gold) and the city planners took care of that.  It is seriously the best place to be living in my opinion.

My brother and Sister in law came to town this fall again, and while they were here a few of us took a seaplane ride out of Lake Washington and we flew over the San Juan Islands and right around Downtown Seattle.  It was so cool.  Unfortunately half of us have motion sickness problems and we definitely utilized the bags provided… 😬 That wasn’t as much fun.  After that we drove over to Deception Pass State Park and were able to catch the sunset.

Just at the end of Autumn after I came back from a trip to Utah, I was still on Mountain Standard Time and woke up early to the most beautiful sunrise I have seen at our home so far.  The entire sky was lit up in shades of pink, orange and yellow.  Now I am wishing we go back and do Autumn again right now! 😁

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