Fall Dinner Party


After the mini food dinner party I made a goal to host a little dinner party every month… well that was in April… of 2015… and I actually had my second one last weekend.  I don’t plan on waiting quite so long before my next one.  🙂  I also revised the goal, realizing that every month might have been a bit too often to be realistic.

I chose a fall theme for this one, with mini pumpkins, yellow and orange flowers and goblets and napkins and sort of warm and cozy foods.  We had some feta and caramelized onion pastry appetizer’s and some honey crisp apple cider to drink as everyone arrived.


I have been wanting to try some whipped butter for a long time, it is always so soft and spreadable in restaurants.  After whipping it I piped it with a frosting bag and tip.  I have been searching home decor and kitchen supply stores for weeks looking for small bowls to use and couldn’t find anything small enough, until I came across these little tea light holders that I already had, that I got at IKEA years ago.  Vu said that he wants to have his butter only like this from now on… good luck with that!

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Mini Food Dinner Party

Mini Food Dinner Party  2

So Vu believes that our society thinks that anything that is miniature or oversized is adorable.  I am not quite sold on the oversized portion of the theory, but I fully support the mini-sized portion.  Because I absolutely love anything that is mini.  I mean come on.  How can you not love something that is tiny.  The word adorable is pretty much in the dictionary definition of mini.  So when I saw this mini food party on “Oh Happy Day” I knew that I had to host one too.  Because I pretty much thought it was the most adorable thing ever.  Also.  I pretty much copied everything, except I used different recipes.  Because did you see it?  Adorable!  And I had these little tiny bottles of Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider.  That I found at the dollar store before Christmas last year.  I am pretty much obsessed with them.  I had to find these ones online because apparently they are a seasonal item.  But this year I am going to the dollar store and I am going to stock up.

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