Easter Decor


It has been a while since I have shared a decor post… I have had the intention of doing it many times over the last year+, but just never seemed to get around to it.  I always had some project I wanted to do that wasn’t quite finished and then the time just slipped away.

When I went to my family reunion back in 2014 my aunt brought her watercolors with her and worked on them while we hung out and it really made me want to improve my own watercolor skills (skills is probably too strong of a word here…).  I have loved watercolor since I was first introduced to it in my high school art class, but I have very rarely taken the time to work on it.  And despite the new motivation at the family reunion 3 years ago… I have still only worked on them sporadically.  But from that time, I knew that I would like to try and create my own Easter water color prints.  Which I finally got around to doing it the last few weeks.  And yes I know my painting skills leave a ton of room for improvement, but I enjoy it.  I also designed a couple of Easter graphics in Illustrator to go with the paintings.

I had some friends over for a girls craft day last weekend and made some open bead board/wood frames to hold the paintings.  The other project I made for the craft day was the bead board/frame sign on the piano.  I found these metal letters at Michael’s a few month’s ago, and I LOVE the look of wood and metal and so I am always looking for any kind of cute metal decorations I can make into something and have been wanting some metal letters like these FOREVER!  For the last spot I cut some 1/4″ plywood to the same size as the metal tags and tried many different painting techniques trying to mimic the look of metal and stuck the wood egg on.  I made the tray on the table last fall, and it also happens to be bead board framed and white distressed… I may have an obsession…

We also got  new rug in January which we LOVE! It is soooo soft.  Vu never really liked the last rug, and I do have to admit that I really love this one and the other one had kind of faded on me.

And there you have it, we are all ready for Easter and spring around here!  I am so excited to see all the buds on the trees!  I just love the changing of the seasons so much!

Also if anyone else would like to print the graphics, the 5×7 pdf files are down below… the first has them both on one page and the last 2 are the individual files.  🙂

Easter Prints

He Is Not Here For He Is Risen

Not My Will But Thine Be Done

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