Best of 2020

We all agree that 2020 was not the best year… but despite that, here are the best things about the year around here.

January:  A late family Christmas dinner

February:  Attending my friend’s Galantine’s party (you know, back when we could actually have parties…)

March:  lots of Quarantine baking

April: Vu’s new office area and desk to provide some normalcy to quarantine

May:  Discovering the most amazing Wisteria Pergola

June: A lot of time spent trying to learn how to improve my videos and shooting my first wedding video for a friend’s daughter

July: meeting my first nephew

August: fun filled family time in Idaho

September: Camping in the Olympic National Park

October: A late fall in Utah to visit family

November: Flying in a seaplane over Seattle and the San Juans (despite getting very air-sick)

December: Christmas with my family on the amazing Oregon Coast

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