7 Years of…

Way back in the beginning of August Vu and I celebrated our 7th anniversary.  It is crazy how fast that has gone by.  I can’t believe it has been 7 years.  That is 7 years of laundry. Laundry that, more often than not at this point, sits in the basket when it is clean and rarely makes it to be folded or hung.  It is 7 years of holiday selfies that Vu still dislikes, and probably always will, yet he does it anyway.  Which also means 7 years of coaxing out a real smile for pictures from him.  It is 7 years of staying up way later than we should because we still aren’t good at actually going to bed.  It is 7 years of cooking dinners, picking up prescriptions and trips to Target.  7 years of birthdays and Christmas’s, of vacations and staycations, of special meals and everyday meals, of nights with friends and late nights working.  It is 7 years of memories made!

Happy (late) Anniversary Vuroomie!  Happy 7 years to us!

Instagram Rainbow Series

A woman that I follow on Instagram has done a number of rainbow series on her page where she posts 3 pictures in a row of each color in the rainbow.  I love this, I think it looks so pretty in her feed so I decided to do it in April.  I started with some pictures I took in San Fransisco and the first post had multiple pictures of a rainbow of colors of all the pretty buildings and the only color I couldn’t find was red, so I started it with the San Fransisco bridge.  I really enjoyed doing this project, it pushed my creativity in a way that I don’t usually do it and was fun to explore my area a little more looking for cool colored buildings.

Red: San Fransisco bridge, enjoying being back at home in the rain, delicious Risalamande pudding with a strawberry sauce.

Orange: Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, a Sunday stroll with Vu to see the cherry blossoms in downtown Snoqualmie, an amazing Mexico sunrise.

Yellow: cool building with flower pots in downtown Snoqualmie, some interesting train doors also in Historic Snoqualmie, daffodils at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

Green: exploring the more rural part of Snoqualmie, remembering seeing the beautiful Notre Dame in Paris after some sad news, getting some beautiful Eucalyptus at my cute local flower shop.

Blue: the beautiful water at Tulum in Mexico, a Sunday drive with Vu – “Blue rides, blue skies and weekend vibes”… 😉 , beautiful clear blue skies and pretty white blossoms.

Purple: Easter dinner flowers and hand painted watercolor eggs, wisteria I found in San Fransisco, remembering the different varieties of lilacs a couple of friends gave me last year while I anticipated them blooming this year.