Top 20 Favorite Places I have Been

After thinking about all of the places that I wanted to go, it made me start to think about all of my favorite places that I have been.  This was so hard to pick just 20 of my favorites, there are so many amazing and beautiful places in the world.  There are so many places that I didn’t include that I feel like should be here too… but then the list would be sooo long.  So I tried to narrow it down to the things that I really loved the most.  I mostly picked the places I have been as an adult, because those are what I have good digital pictures of, but there are definitely some places that I went to when I was young and totally remember loving but I don’t have a picture to share of them… and I don’t remember them as well and the ones I have been too as I got older.

Machu Pichu, Peru – If I had to pick just one absolute favorite place then this would be it.  It was one of those that I dreamed about visiting my whole life and then was just so amazing in person, even after all the anticipation.  We stayed in the little town by it for 2 days, on the first day we took a tour and learned about the history and then wandered around for a few hours, then the second day we hiked up Huano Pichu (the peak that is behind me in the picture) and that was pretty intense.  I am pretty short and those steps were all pretty narrow and tall between each step so my legs were shaking so bad by the end.  But it was totally worth it.  We wandered around more after the hike, and that second day was all foggy and I loved it so much seeing, it in both conditions.  It was just so big and so pretty and so amazing!

New England Fall – This was another one that I waited many many years before I got to see it, and is just so amazing.  Fall is my favorite anyway, but it was so great in New England.  There are still so many more spots that I want to go back and see all the beautiful colors, especially as I see my sister Rachel go to them all.  I went just 3 1/2 years ago when Rachel first moved there and spent almost 3 weeks there to guarantee I caught the peak of the season.  I wandered around Boston during the week, and then over the weekends we went out to Palmyra, New York and Acadia National Park in Maine.

Paris, France – I have been to Paris a few times, the first time was for my 8th birthday when my family was living in England and I fell in love with it and have loved everything France ever since.  I went back when I was 19 with my family, and then when I was 20 I did a study abroad in Paris.  I loved my study abroad so much, being able to wander around and explore this city that I love so much.  The last time I went was just for one day for a layover, and it was way too short.  I have always dreamed of going back and living there for a couple of years, hopefully someday I will be able to. Continue reading

Top 19 Places to Visit

My sister recently came up with a list of her top 19 places that she wants to go in 2019 and on, a sort of current life bucket list, and it got me thinking about what my list would be, so I wanted to come up with mine too.  It is kind of hard for me to think of lists like this because I just want to go to each of these places right now… some of them are countries I have never been to, but others are specific regions in countries that I have been to that I want to see.

1. Bora Bora – This is one of the ones that has been on my bucket list for the longest.  I really wanted to go for our honeymoon but we decided on somewhere closer and cheaper instead.  Vu has actually expressed a desire to go there as well, so hopefully we can go for an anniversary at some point.

2. St. Lucia – This was my second choice of honeymoon destinations that didn’t make the cut.  One of my friends went there for her honeymoon and I have wanted to go ever since seeing her beautiful pictures.  I really want to stay in one of those open air hotel rooms with a nice view of the jagged mountains against the ocean.

3. Tikal ruins in Guatemala – When I was in high school I read a book that had a picture of these ruins on the cover and I have really wanted to see them ever since.  I love how steep they are and how they just rise up so quickly.  Then when I saw the Devine’s go there, and their shots of it with the fog and from the drone are so amazing it intensified my desire even more.

4. German Christmas Markets – I am pretty sure I have mentioned, at least once, how much I love how the Germans do Christmas, so this one is pretty much a given.  It is one of those ones that my mom’s has been dying to do for a long time too.

5. Egypt, Jordan and Israel – The pyramids, Petra, the Christianity sites, so many epic things I want to visit here. Continue reading